Some Benefits of Massage

Some Benefits of Massage

Reduce stress by receiving supportive, relaxing touch
Tune your body for improved physical and mental performance
Get nurturing attention for yourself from a caring professional
Rediscover comfort and ease in your body
Recover and realign after injury
Massage is a powerful combination: touch from a caring person that uses skill and technique to address specific pain and tension in the body, while at the same time making you feel relaxed and validated in your body. In this hour your body can experience relieved headaches, released tightness and constriction. Breathing deepens, circulation improves, pain is reduced. Massage clients find ease, fluidity, renewed strength and energy. Your body becomes a better place to live in.

I believe that relaxation is the key to the results of massage. We all have stresses in our bodies, from jobs, from relationships, from our lives. Stress causes us to experience increased blood pressure and heart rate and stress hormone levels. Blood flow is reduced to the organs, the extremities (cold feet and hands) and the immune system. These effects begin to feel normal. We get used to feeling chilly and unable to sleep, full of little aches and pains, not feeling hungry and overeating, having indigestion and coming down with every cold that passes by.

In the same way that stress can trigger these symptoms, deep relaxation can relieve them. Hormones of relaxation increase blood flow to the organs, telling the body that it is in a safe place and there is time and space enough to recuperate. Massage Therapy is a powerful way to help your body find this place to heal and regroup. To help you get to a place of relaxation, I try to make my office a calming and safe space, with relaxing music, clean, comfortable and beautiful surroundings and the option of lightly scented aromatherapy oil. I encourage clients to let me know what they need to be comfortable.

Of course, massage is only one way to achieve relaxation. Other favorites include yoga, meditation, warm baths, exercise, music, and progressive muscle relaxation. I encourage everyone to use any and all that they find helpful in their daily lives.

However, massage therapy goes beyond general relaxation. I listen to, observe, and think carefully about how your body manifests tension. I choose specific massage techniques to bring greater relaxation and circulation into areas that are constricted, and general relaxation encourages the body to feel safe enough to allow those changes.

Whether you’re suffering from job stress, recovering from an injury, or something else entirely, massage can help you!

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